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Best Dessert and Ice Cream in Austin, Texas

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Being a dessert lover in Austin is exciting because the city offers the best desserts. You can find decadent treats at fancy restaurants or sweet treats at local bakeries and ice cream shops. This variety is perfect for ending a meal or just enjoying a must-try dessert.

My go-to place for decadent desserts is Uchi, a famous Japanese spot. They are known for their unique dessert menus. The earl grey panna cotta there is something special with its habanero peppers and white chocolate. If I’m eyeing a classic, I visit Upper Crust Bakery for their famous cinnamon rolls.

Amy’s Ice Creams is a must-visit in Austin. You can find their spots all over, each offering delicious treats like Mexican Vanilla. Another must-try is Lick Honest Ice Creams, where I recommend the Caramel Salt Lick flavor. It’s a perfect taste of Texas in a decadent treat.

The food truck scene in Austin has its own sweet surprises. Check out Bananarchy for frozen bananas or Churro Co for unique churros. For special occasions, Launderette’s layer cakes and Tiny Boxwoods’ ice cream sandwich are dreamy choices.

Ready to explore the best desserts and ice creams in Austin? From top picks at favorite spots to hidden gems, we’ll show you where to find the best sweet treats. This guide is a dessert lover’s dream come true.

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Indulgent Desserts at Austin’s Top Restaurants

Austin’s top restaurants are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. They offer everything from classic dessert options to unique creations. These places use top-notch ingredients to please even the pickiest dessert lover.

Decadent desserts in Austin

Decadent Cakes at Chez Zee American Bistro

Chez Zee stands out with its delicious cakes perfect with a glass of wine. They have cakes like the Coconut Tres Leches Cake. It’s a coconut cake soaked in milk and topped with buttercream. If you love chocolate, try the Chocolate Decadence Cake with raspberry and mocha. There’s also the Lemon Rosemary Cake for a unique taste, made with rosemary and lemon.

Kouign Amann-Studded Ice Cream at Lutie’s

At Lutie’s, you’ll find a unique kouign amann-studded ice cream. This decadent dessert marries a Breton pastry’s flaky layers with creamy ice cream. It stands out with its rich, caramelized taste and texture mix.

Tropical Delights at Canje

Canje brings a taste of the Caribbean with their desserts. Their Rum Punch Sorbet is a boozy, cold version of the famous cocktail. If you prefer something more traditional, the Tres Leches cake is a great choice. It’s soaked in three milks and has light whipped cream on top. This offers a great mix of sweet and airy.

Restaurant Dessert Specialty Unique Features
Chez Zee American Bistro Decadent Cakes Coconut Tres Leches, Chocolate Decadence, Lemon Rosemary
Lutie’s Kouign Amann-Studded Ice Cream Combination of Breton pastry and creamy ice cream
Canje Tropical Delights Rum Punch Sorbet, Tres Leches cake with tropical twist

These great Austin eateries reflect the city’s food diversity. They’re perfect for any occasion or just when you want a sweet bite. The skilled pastry chefs at these places are all about passion and creativity.

Unique Frozen Treats from Austin’s Food Trucks

Austin’s food trucks offer amazing frozen treats that satisfy any sweet tooth. You can find everything from chocolate-dipped bananas to unique churros. These dessert spots show off the city’s love for great food and creativity. Let’s look at some of Austin’s best frozen delights.

Chocolate-dipped banana from Bananarchy food truck

Chocolate-Dipped Bananas at Bananarchy

Bananarchy in Austin is all about frozen bananas you can customize. Their top treat, the Texas Two-Step, includes a banana dipped in chocolate. It’s also covered in pecans, toffee, cinnamon, and peanut butter. This tasty mix is great on hot days in Texas. Bananarchy is known for its unique treats and is a favorite in Austin’s food truck world.

Churro Creations at Churro Co.

Churro Co. has special churros that are a step above the rest. Their churro sundae is a must-try. It’s a warm churro topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and graham cracker sugar. You’ll love the mix of warm and cold, and soft and crunchy. They have many fans thanks to their tasty creations.

Food Truck Specialty Must-Try Item
Bananarchy Customizable frozen bananas Texas Two-Step
Churro Co. Creative churro creations Churro Sundae
OMG Squee Small-batch, handcrafted ice cream Seasonal flavors

Austin is home to more than these great food trucks. OMG Squee, for example, is a local gem. They make small-batch ice cream with unique flavors. Their flavors change with the seasons. Austin’s ice cream fans love their high-quality, creative ice creams.

Whether you like classic sweets or ice cream with unique flavors, Austin’s food trucks have something for you. These trucks are a big part of what makes Austin’s food scene so exciting. They offer delicious, memorable treats that people love.

Artisanal Ice Cream Shops in Austin

Austin is famous for its unique food spots. Among these, are the artisanal ice cream shops. They play with flavors, use top-quality ingredients, and add their own twist to old favorites.

These shops offer everything, from delicious ice cream with local flavors to options for dairy-free folks. Everyone can find a favorite here.

artisanal ice cream shops in austin

Inventive Flavors at Lick Honest Ice Creams

Lick Honest Ice Creams stands out in the crowd. They make ice cream that’s one of a kind. You’ll love their Caramel Salt Lick, Texas Sheet Cake, and Coffee with Cream flavors.

For something different, try their seasonal ice creams like Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey. They’re always looking to surprise their customers with new and unusual flavors.

Mexican Vanilla at Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams is a local favorite in Austin. Their Mexican Vanilla ice cream is unmatched. It has a unique taste that’s hard to forget, like wedding cake.

This flavor is so loved that it’s always a bestseller. Amy’s also serves flavors like Peanut Butter Cup and Shiner Bock, which are fun and tasty.

Vegan Scoops at Luv Fats

Luv Fats is the place to go for dairy-free treats. They’re all about vegan ice cream that doesn’t skimp on taste or texture. Their bases are made with coconut milk and cashews.

They rotate unique flavors like Ube Black Sesame, Pandan, and Lavender Cookies & Cream. This shows that vegan ice cream can be just as yummy as the traditional kind.

Ice Cream Shop Notable Flavors Specialty
Lick Honest Ice Creams Caramel Salt Lick, Texas Sheet Cake, Coffee with Cream Seasonal flavors using local ingredients
Amy’s Ice Creams Mexican Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup, Shiner Bock Unique flavor combinations and mix-ins
Luv Fats Ube Black Sesame, Pandan, Lavender Cookies & Cream All-vegan ice cream made with coconut milk and cashews

If you like classic or bold flavors, Austin’s ice cream shops won’t disappoint. From the creativity of Lick Honest Ice Creams to Amy’s famous Mexican Vanilla and the vegan options at Luv Fats, there’s a lot to try.

Get out there and enjoy. Austin’s ice cream is waiting for you, and it’s really something special.

Best Dessert in Austin: Sweet Offerings from Local Bakeries

Austin is a goldmine for those who love sweet treats. Local bakeries offer a wide range of goodies. These include colorful macarons, decadent cupcakes, and tiny pies.

Austin's best desserts from local bakeries

La Patisserie is known for its wonderful French treats. This bakery has everything from macarons to chocolate cream puffs and lemon tarts. It feels like a piece of Paris in Austin.

Decadent Cupcakes at Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop

Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop is perfect for anyone who loves cupcakes. They have a variety of flavors, like Valrhona chocolate with chocolate buttercream. They also make homemade pop tarts and more.

Mini Pies at Tiny Pies

Tiny Pies offers mini versions of classic pies. These handheld pies, such as apple or key lime, are full of flavor. They’re great for a personal indulgence or to share.

Bakery Must-Try Dessert Location
La Patisserie Colorful Macarons 602 W Annie St, Austin, TX 78704
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop James Brown Cupcake 1905 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704
Tiny Pies Texas Sheet Cake Mini Pie 5035 Burnet Rd #100, Austin, TX 78756
Upper Crust Bakery Cinnamon Roll 4508 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

Upper Crust Bakery is also loved for its pies and cakes. Their cinnamon roll is a standout. But, everything from their bakery is a great choice.

These bakeries are only a few examples of Austin’s sweet scene. They are perfect for special occasions or for indulging in a treat. Austin’s bakeries stand ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Authentic Mexican Desserts in Austin

In Austin, there are many places to enjoy sweet Mexican treats. You can try tres leches cakes or paletas. These desserts are true to their Mexican roots, making them a must-try.

tres leches cake at veracruz all natural

Tres Leches Cake at Veracruz All Natural

Head to Veracruz All Natural in Mueller for a taste of Mexico. The Vazquez sisters own this place and make amazing tres leches cake. It’s moist, topped with fresh cream, and full of flavor.

Paletas at Nixta Taqueria

Nixta Taqueria in East Austin serves unique Mexican desserts. Try their churros or paletas in flavors like mango and coconut. It’s a cool snack with authentic Mexican taste.

Restaurant Must-Try Mexican Dessert
Veracruz All Natural Tres Leches Cake
Nixta Taqueria Paletas (Spicy Mango Chamoy, Coco Rico)
Licha’s Cantina Churros with Cajeta
Suerte Sopa de Arroz con Leche

Austin has many great places for Mexican desserts. They use top-notch ingredients and old-school methods. Whether you like classic cakes or new ice pop flavors, there’s something for you.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth at Austin’s Dessert Lounges

Austin is home to many dessert lounges, perfect for those with sweet cravings. You can find all kinds of mouth-watering desserts. These spots are known for their rich, indulgent treats. They are a must-visit for anyone who loves desserts.

decadent desserts at Austin's dessert lounges

At Chez Zee American Bistro, try the Coconut Tres Leches Cake. It’s a moist cake soaked in coconut milk, covered with buttercream. It’s truly delightful. If you visit Launderette, try their Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s both fun and tasty.

Maie Day and Uchi & Uchiko serve up desserts that look like art. They are delicious and beautiful. At these cafes, chocolate lovers and fans of Japanese flavors will both be happy. You can enjoy matcha green tea, black sesame, or miso-caramel desserts.

Austin’s dessert scene is very diverse. There are treats from many different places, such as American, Japanese, Mexican, Korean, and French. You’ll find plenty of unique and delicious options to try.

In South Austin, many places use local ingredients in their desserts. This makes their treats even more special. For example, you can enjoy:

  • The Mexican food truck at Mueller, known for their tres leches cake.
  • The Chestnut wine restaurant’s vanilla soft serve, which is a favorite.
  • Various dessert lounges that mix European and Asian influences.

Some restaurants offer desserts with wine pairings. This is a great way to enjoy something special.

Dessert Lounge Must-Try Dessert Unique Feature
Chez Zee American Bistro Coconut Tres Leches Cake Moist coconut cake soaked in coconut milk
Launderette Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich Playful and nostalgic treat
Maie Day Artistically presented desserts Visually stunning creations
Uchi & Uchiko Japanese-inspired desserts Matcha, black sesame, and miso-caramel flavors

Behind these amazing desserts are skilled pastry chefs. Their creativity turns traditional desserts into something unforgettable. People keep going back for more.

Austin’s dessert lounges offer something for everyone. Whether you love classics or new, refreshing tastes, you’ll find it here. Don’t miss out on treats by chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph in East Austin or the comfort desserts around Texas.

With Uber Eats, getting your favorite treats is easy. Discover the sweet side of Austin, one spoonful at a time!

Sophisticated Sweets at Japanese Restaurants

In Austin, uchi and uchiko shine for their top Japanese food. They are famous for their omakase sushi and amazing desserts. Ariana Quant, the top pastry chef, makes their desserts stand out.

Matcha green tea ice cream

Creative Confections at Uchi and Uchiko

At uchi and uchiko, desserts are unique. They mix sweet and savory in surprising ways. The Milk & Cereal dessert makes adults feel like kids again with its fried milk and chocolate mousse. Or, try the Jasmine Cream for something light, with cilantro and pineapple.

Matcha and Mochi Delights at Komé

kome in North Austin is a go-to for casual Japanese with great desserts. Their ice cream includes matcha, black sesame, and even miso-caramel for those looking to try something new. It’s perfect for anyone who loves desserts.

Restaurant Specialty Desserts
Uchi/Uchiko Milk & Cereal, Jasmine Cream
Komé Matcha, Mochi, Black Sesame Ice Cream

If you want a sweet treat after sushi or just some unique ice cream, these spots in Austin are perfect. uchi and uchiko offer creative confections. And kome is great for classic sweets like mochi and matcha. There’s something sweet for everyone here.

Austin’s Best Cookies and Cakes

Austin is known for its mouth-watering cookies and cakes. You can’t go wrong with them. Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies and tall layer cakes are crowd favorites. Here’s where to find the best in Austin.

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies at Tiny Boxwoods

Love chocolate chip cookies? You have to try Tiny Boxwoods. They bake these classics fresh every 20 minutes. The result? A warm and crunchy cookie that’s perfect. Have it with coffee at the cafe. And maybe, share some with loved ones – that is, if you can stop from eating them all!

towering layer cakes

Towering Layer Cakes at Launderette

Searching for something grand? Launderette is the place for their big layer cakes. These cakes are not only big. They are also beautiful and taste amazing. Try their famous birthday cake ice cream sandwich. Or pick from chocolate, lemon, and other flavors. Remember, the portions are large. Sharing is caring.

But there are many other great places to find delicious treats in Austin. Let me show you:

Restaurant Must-Try Dessert
Upper Crust Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop Cupcakes (any flavor!)
Tiny Pies Texas Pecan Mini Pies
Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll

Looking for a classic cookie or a fancy cake? Austin’s dessert places have what you want. There are plenty of choices. Visit Austin and try them all!

Vegan and Gluten-Free Dessert Options in Austin

For those who love desserts but have dietary restrictions, Austin has lots to offer. The city is filled with great bakeries and ice cream spots. They make sweet treats that are both vegan and gluten-free. You can find everything from cupcakes to vegan scoops.

Capital City Bakery is at the top of my list. It’s a vegan bakery that makes amazing treats. Their cupcakes, especially the Confetti one, are moist and fluffy. They also have cookies and pop tarts for those with a sweet tooth.

Wild Wood Bakehouse is perfect for gluten-free needs. All their items are baked in a gluten-free kitchen. They use top-quality ingredients in their desserts. Sophie’s Gluten-Free Bake Shop is another great option, highly rated for its treats on Find Me Gluten Free.

Luv Fats is the spot for vegan ice cream lovers. They offer unique flavors. For more gluten-free and vegan options, Thai Fresh has them. The Beer Plant is a must-visit for a decadent treat. They serve a brownie sundae with vegan ice cream.

Restaurant Gluten-Free Rating Number of Reviews
Pie Bar 4.4 113
Sophie’s Gluten-Free Bake Shop 5.0 12
Zucchini Kill Bakery 4.7 151
Bom Bakeshop 4.5 121
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop 4.1 1,100

Counter Culture and Curcuma also stand out. They use high-quality ingredients in their sweets. Skull and Cakebones is known for its cakes and cupcakes. They sell at farmers’ markets and in various stores.

In Austin, there are many places for vegan and gluten-free desserts. Everyone can enjoy the city’s dessert scene. Even with dietary restrictions, you won’t miss out on great treats.

Boozy Dessert Cocktails at Austin Bars

Austin’s bar scene brings a fun take on classic desserts with boozy cocktails. These drinks meld sweetness with a cheerful buzz. You can find everything from espresso martinis with a chocolate touch to cool, minty grasshoppers. There’s something for everyone at the best bars in town.

Péché stands out for its boozy milkshakes. Try the Péché shake with absinthe and cherry liquor, or the Root of Evil, mixing Jagermeister and sarsaparilla. Coffee enthusiasts will love the Carajillo King, mixing espresso liqueur with ice cream.

Espresso Martini with a Chocolate Twist at Halcyon

Halcyon Coffee Bar & Lounge offers the Voodoo Lady, changing up the espresso martini with rum, spiced pear, and a coffee cube. The Insomniac adds a nutty flair with vanilla vodka, Amaretto, and Irish cream. These cocktail desserts are great after dinner or for a late snack.

Minty Grasshopper at Nickel City

Nickel City serves a refreshing Grasshopper cocktail. Its mix of crème de menthe, crème de cacao, and cream caps off your night with sweetness.

The Roosevelt Room is not to be missed for a beerfogato. This dish features gelato with Austin Beerworks Black Thunder. Uchiko’s Tobacco Cream dessert is another highlight, blending tobacco, scotch, pecan, and more in an unforgettable dish.

Bar Boozy Dessert Cocktail Ingredients
Péché Péché Shake Absinthe, cherry liquor, vanilla ice cream
Halcyon Voodoo Lady Chai-infused rum, rum chata, spiced pear, coffee cube
Nickel City Grasshopper Crème de menthe, crème de cacao, cream
The Roosevelt Room Beerfogato Gelato, Austin Beerworks Black Thunder
Uchiko Tobacco Cream Tobacco, scotch, pecan, chocolate, smoked blueberry jam

If you like your desserts in shake, martini, or sundae style, you’re in for a treat in Austin. The city’s bars are packed with innovative sweets mixed by top chefs and mixologists. Get ready for a dessert that’s both lavish and fun.

Dessert Delivery and Takeout in Austin

Want something sweet but staying in? Austin’s top dessert places have you covered. They offer takeout and dessert delivery services. You can get everything from creamy ice cream to rich cakes and cupcakes. The best part? You can enjoy these desserts in your pajamas at home.

Amy’s Ice Creams is a top pick for many, including me. Their Mexican Vanilla is unique, tasting like wedding cake. It always brings me back for more. At Lick Honest Ice Creams, you’ll find creative flavors with local ingredients. For a real treat, try Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop’s cupcakes or Chez Zee’s Chocolate Decadence Cake if you’re feeling fancy.

Looking for a French delight? La Patisserie is the place to be. They have macarons and cream puffs that remind me of Paris. If you love cookies, Tiny Boxwoods is a must. Their chocolate chip cookies are warm and gooey with a perfect crunch.

You can get these desserts delivered via Uber Eats. So, when the craving hits, just a few clicks and the best of Austin’s desserts are on their way to your door.

Dessert Spot Must-Try Item Delivery Time Price Range Rating
Amy’s Ice Creams Mexican Vanilla 15-30 min $5 – $8 4.8
Lick Honest Ice Creams Texas Sheet Cake 20-35 min $6 – $10 4.7
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop Cupcakes 25-40 min $3 – $5 4.6
Chez Zee Chocolate Decadence Cake 30-45 min $7 – $12 4.5
La Patisserie Macarons 15-30 min $2 – $4 4.8
Tiny Boxwoods Chocolate Chip Cookies 20-35 min $2 – $4 4.7

With a rating of 4.5 and higher, these dessert spots in Austin won’t disappoint. There’s something for every craving, from classics like cookies to unique treats. Austin’s dessert scene is diverse and ready to satisfy. So, treat yourself. You deserve a sweet delight!

Instagrammable Desserts in Austin

Austin is famous for its mouthwatering desserts. Some delicacies not only taste amazing but look stunning too. These special instagrammable desserts are almost too beautiful to eat. But believe me, you won’t resist taking a bite! They range from towering cakes to beautifully served ice cream, making your photos on social media stand out.

One top choice for cool pics in Austin is the Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich from Launderette. It’s a fun mix of sprinkle sugar cookies and birthday cake ice cream. This colorful dessert is perfect for both pictures and enjoyment. It’s a must-try when you’re looking for something sweet and visually appealing.

Colorful Shaved Ice at Zed’s Ice Cream

Visit Zed’s Ice Cream for a perfect, colorful dessert that fits Austin’s lively vibe. They serve unique shaved ice that’s as bright as a rainbow. It’s decorated with fresh fruits, condensed milk, and mochi. In the Texas heat, it’s not just appealing to look at but also the best refreshment while out ‘gramming.

These are just two picks from Austin’s many desserts that are great for photos. Studies show a quarter of top dessert places in Austin are known for remarkable offerings like Launderette‘s sandwich. Nearly half these places have takeout options, with one-fifth offering delivery on apps, making these treats easily accessible.

Restaurant Instagrammable Dessert
Launderette Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich
Zed’s Ice Cream Colorful Shaved Ice
Nixta Taqueria Coco Rico Paleta
Bananarchy Texas Two Step Banana
La Patisserie Colorful French Macarons

Next time you’re in Austin and want something sweet, think of the experience as a mini-photoshoot. With the numerous instagrammable desserts around, you’ll easily find a beautiful yet delicious choice. Just remember to take some photos first before enjoying your treat!

Hidden Gem Dessert Spots in Austin

I love desserts and always look for the best sweets in Austin. I’ve found some sweet spots loved by locals. They might not be as well known as top dessert spots, but they offer unique and tasty treats.

Sandy’s Hamburgers in South Austin is a top pick. Their vanilla soft serve is a hit on hot Texas days. It’s a simple yet creamy treat that satisfies anyone’s sweet cravings.

At Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery, you can enjoy a big slice of cake for just $1. They offer classics like chocolate and unique flavors. This spot is a great find for dessert fans in Austin.

For vegan ice cream, visit Sweet Ritual in Hyde Park. They have creative flavors like golden milk and toasted coconut. The shop’s scoops are rich and tasty, appealing to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Hidden Gem Dessert Spot Location Must-Try Treat
Sandy’s Hamburgers South Austin Vanilla soft serve cone
Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery Hyde Park $1 cake slices
Sweet Ritual Hyde Park Vegan ice cream in unique flavors

I’ve found many more hidden gem dessert places in Austin. Whether you like classic ice cream or are vegan, there’s something for you. These spots show that great desserts can be found off the beaten path.

Seasonal and Locally-Sourced Desserts

Austin’s dessert scene is alive with many local treats. It shines with the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients from nearby. This connects the city to its roots and delights visitors with the taste of the area.

Texas Pecan Pies at Tiny Pies

Tiny Pies, a popular bakery in Austin, is known for its Texas pecan pies. They use locally grown pecans to make these small pies. The result is a tasty, nut-flavored treat that reflects the area’s love for pecans.

Fredericksburg Peach Ice Cream at Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams, a local favorite, serves up a unique flavor in the summer. Its Fredericksburg Peach ice cream uses fresh peaches from a nearby town. This combination of local peaches and creamy ice cream is a sweet taste of summer in Texas.

Dessert Shop Locally-Sourced Ingredient Signature Dessert
Tiny Pies Texas-grown pecans Mini Pecan Pies
Amy’s Ice Creams Fredericksburg peaches Fredericksburg Peach Ice Cream
Lick Honest Ice Creams Texas-sourced dairy and produce Texas Sheet Cake
Chez Zee American Bistro Locally-grown rosemary Lemon Rosemary Cake

Lick Honest Ice Creams and Chez Zee American Bistro also join this trend. Lick uses Texas dairy in special flavors. Chez Zee bakes Lemon Rosemary Cake with local rosemary.

This emphasis on local and fresh ingredients in Austin makes desserts both enjoyable and meaningful. It helps the area’s economy and highlights what Texas brings to the table. These desserts are a true trip through Texas on a plate and a must-eat for anyone in Austin.

Austin’s Iconic Desserts: Must-Try Treats

I’m a big fan of desserts, and I’ve tried many of Austin’s famous ones. These sweets are not just snacks; they embody the city’s food culture. Let me share some of Austin’s top desserts that have won my heart:

  1. Churro Co.’s Campfire Churro: This food truck takes churros to new heights. They’re rolled in graham cracker sugar, Mexican chocolate sauce, and topped with whipped cream and toasted marshmallows. It turns a simple churro into a magical, Austin treat inspired by s’mores.
  2. Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts: These donuts are a local legend for their size and toppings. Options like the Mother Clucker with fried chicken or the Funky Monkey with bananas and cream cheese are must-eat donuts in Austin.
  3. Lick Honest Ice Creams’ Hill Country Honey Vanilla: This local ice cream shop makes flavors that represent Austin. The Hill Country Honey Vanilla is a standout, using honey from nearby farms. Try it with their Caramel Salt Lick for a delicious combination.

Every Austin dessert list needs to mention these must-try legends too:

  • Amy’s Mexican Vanilla ice cream is beloved for its rich and perfect vanilla taste.
  • The Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich at Launderette is an indulgence worth trying, topped with sprinkles.
  • Tiny Boxwoods’ chocolate chip cookies are a dessert lover’s dream, especially when served warm.

However, the truly iconic Austin dessert might be the unexpected one you find at a food truck or local bakery. It’s that sweet surprise that makes Austin a city full of culinary adventures.

Dessert Restaurant What Makes It Special
Campfire Churro Churro Co. Tossed in graham cracker sugar, drizzled with Mexican chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream and torched marshmallows
Big. Fat. Donuts Gourdough’s Larger-than-life donuts piled high with decadent toppings like fried chicken, grilled bananas, and cream cheese icing
Hill Country Honey Vanilla Ice Cream Lick Honest Ice Creams Made with honey from local farms for a true taste of Austin
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich Launderette An Insta-worthy indulgence that tastes even better than it looks
Chocolate Chip Cookies Tiny Boxwoods Served warm from the oven for the ultimate cookie experience


Austin’s dessert scene is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. It includes favorites like Amy’s Ice Creams, which started in 1984. You can also find creative treats at Upper Crust Bakery and Churro Co.‘s food trucks. Don’t miss out on their crispy churros with cinnamon and sugar.

If you love cake, ice cream, or small pies and cookies, Austin has it all. The city’s best desserts will surely satisfy your sweet cravings.

Austin’s dessert spots get great ratings from those who’ve tried them. For example, places like Manolis and Heaven’s Bistro earn a perfect score. Popular food trucks like Gourdough’s are also loved, with almost 4,000 reviews at 4.4 stars. These ratings show the high quality and creativity of Austin’s desserts.

My journey through Austin’s desserts has been inspiring. I’ve seen the love and innovation put into every sweet treat. Favorites include the sustainable cocoa beans at Videri Chocolate Factory. Amy’s Ice Creams and Capital City Bakery offer something for everyone, even vegans and gluten-free folks. There’s a dessert for every dessert lover in Austin, whether you’re local or just visiting. So, don’t forget to leave room for dessert!

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